Indian cricket captain and ODI Player of the Decade, as proclaimed by the International Cricket Council, Virat Kohli on Monday, while speaking to BCCI, weighed on his game philosophy and said team spirit is the prime factor in winning, reported PTI.

"If you focus on consistency alone, then I don't think you can be as consistent. If your endeavour is to make sure that you step on the field to make your team win at any cost, in that mindset you will perform beyond your limitations and your own abilities," Kohli said.

"That has always been my mindset; give my heart and soul on the field for my team and make sure that as a team, we are always moving forward in the right direction whether we get the results or not," he added.

Discussing what works best for him on the field Kohli stated that a dedicated player must align his individual performance with team goals to play the best game of his life.

"Whether it is a contribution of 40, 50, 60 a hundred or a double hundred whatever it is. My endeavour is to always bat for as long as I can and put the team in winning positions," he added.

Virat, who is dubbed as one of the fittest and flexible player also articulated that he is passionate about being active in all cricket formats.

"It is definitely a challenging thing to do, but I like to base my cricket on the basics of the game. I have always been very firm with the fact that I want to play good cricketing shots and I want to extend and continue the same application in different formats.

On being asked about his biggest opponent in the past decade, Kohli said that it has never been easy but his key focus was to enjoy each game that he had been a part of both as a player and collectively as a team.

"Playing at the international level is never easy regardless of whom you play against. I have played against some great bowlers in the past and continue to play some quality bowlers even today.” He said in the regard.

Virat said that he always relished and respected challenges and it is what helped him elevate his game and despite the hardships in the journey, he was keen to learn and progress on his game.