Do you crave those tasty, lip-smacking chaats, fries or chips when on diet? Don’t you worry, we are here to help you with healthy and delicious alternatives to those high-calorie foods that can be enjoyed while dieting.

Eating your favourite snacks and still maintaining your weight might sound ridiculous. Here are a few recipes for your favourite savoury snacks that will satisfy your craving and also help to not gain extra calories.

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Brinjal Chips

Brinjal chips are crunchy, savoury, and a healthy alternative to those packed chips at the store. These chips come to your rescue when craving something crunchy and salty.

All you need to do is cut brinjal into thin slices, spray them with olive oil and seasonings of your choice and bake in a preheated oven.

Broccoli Nuggets

For this yummy snack, you might need bread, spices, oil and broccoli. Firstly you need to grate broccoli, squeeze out extra water, add seasonings of your choice. Mix the seasoned broccoli with bread crumbs and then bake it in the oven with a little oil sprayed on the tray.

Carrot Wedges

The name of this dish might not be as appealing as its taste, but once you try this dish it might become one of your go-to snacks. All you need to do is slice a few carrots, season them with your favourite spices. Bake the seasoned carrot slices with little oil sprayed on them in a hot oven.

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Cauliflower Tikki

For this recipe, grate cauliflower, remove extra water and mix the grated cauliflower with cornflour and some spices. Now bake this mixture with little oil in a pre-heated oven.

This recipe can be a healthy replacement for deep-fried potato tikkis.

Roasted Chickpeas

For this recipe, all you need to do is to boil the chickpeas with a pinch of salt and pat dry the chickpeas. Now season the peas with the choice of your spices and bake them in a preheated oven with little oil.

These healthy recipes might sound boring but once you try them, they will be your go-to healthy alternatives when on a diet.