It is needless to say that video meetings have become an essential part of our lives since last year. Along with it comes several complications - like the camera and mic getting switched on at awkward moments. We constantly have to be in the fear of not speaking something embarrassing with mics on. However, it seems like some people don't carry this inhibition at all and are carefree about it.

Something similar happened at a Zoom meeting where a girl forgot that her mic was on, while she went about speaking with a friend over a call.

As she gossiped her heart out, little did she know that other people at the meeting were also consuming the same gossip - although unintentionally.

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The girl's colleagues even tried telling her that her mic is on but she could not hear them and thus, she continued.

The video has been going viral after someone posted the recording of the meeting on the Internet. Needless to say, netizens have already armed themselves with hilarious memes around the incident.

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While some people are careful and keep checking to see that their mic doesn't get magically switched on while they are talking about something scandalous, others are not so scared, as it seems. However, as hilarious as this incident is, it also leaves a little lesson for us to check properly to see if our mics are off so that we don't land in the same fiasco as the girl on the Zoom call.