With news emerging that Kevin Spacey is being charged with sexual assault in Britain, we look back on the timeline of events that has led to this moment. 

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Monday 30th, October 2017: Actor Anthony Rapp, in an interview with Buzzfeed, was the first to level allegations against Kevin Spacey. Recounting an incident from 1986, when he was 14, the actor revealed that Spacey lay on him at a party held at the senior actor’s house, all the while trying to seduce him. Spacey would release a statement apologising for his ‘drunken behaviour’ while also coming out as gay. Drawing flak from all corners, including among senior figures at Netflix who were, at the time, producing House of Cards, a show in which Kevin Spacey was a leading figure. 

Tuesday 31st, October 2017: The actor was accused of predatory behaviour in twin allegations. First, a man claimed to have woken up to find a naked Kevin Spacey lying beside him when he came to live in his New York apartment in the mid-1980s. It was followed by David Beal, ex-bartender at a West Sussex hotel, admitting that the actor exposed himself and invited him to his room back in 2010. He also alleged that the American gifted him a watch worth £5,000. 

Thursday 2nd, November 2017: Media Rights Capital, co-producer of House of Cards, reveals that a crew member objected to advances made by the actor. Creative Artists Agency (CAA) confirm the annulment of Spacey’s ties with the agency. Publicist Staci Wolfe also confirmed that her company, Polaris PR, had broken all ties with the actor. 

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Friday 3rd, November 2017:  As allegations keep tumbling out, The Sun reports of an investigation conducted by UK Police against the actor on charges of sexual assault on a man in 2008. As per the newspaper, an unnamed actor-then 23- woke up to find Spacey performing a ‘sex act’ on him at his London residence. In light of the allegations, Netflix swears off all further production of House of Cards involving the actor. In addition, the company says it will not release a biopic on Gore Vidal starring the American. 

Saturday 4th, November 2017: Actor Richard Dreyfuss’ son Harry admits to being groped by Spacey to Buzzfeed. The Hollywood A-lister would deny allegations. 

Sunday 5th, November 2017: London based barman Kris Nixon admits to being groped by Spacey in the actor’s London residence back in 2008. 

Wednesday 8th, November 2017: A bevvy of allegations emerge against the Usual Suspects star including an unnamed American director. He claims to have been groped by Spacey, while on set as a 22-year-old crew member.  

Thursday 9th, November 2017: Kevin Spacey is dropped from the forthcoming film, All the Money in the World. He is to be replaced by Christopher Plummer. 

Thursday 16th, November 2017: The actor’s stint as artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre comes under scrutiny. 20 people came forward to testify, including 16 former staff members, all of whom were men. 

Wednesday 22nd, November 2017: Scotland Yard confirms that it is investigating a case of sexual assault from 2005 involving the actor and a man from Lambeth. 

Monday 4th, December 2017: Netflix announces that shooting for the sixth season of House of Cards will continue but without Kevin Spacey. Instead, the show plans to zero in on Robin Wright’s character. 

Friday 8th, December 2017: As accusations spread like wildfire, the former son-in-law of the King of Norway accused the actor of sexual harassment after a Nobel Prize concert in 2007. 

Thursday 18th, January 2017: With allegations tumbling out daily, London Police confirm that they are investigating the third instance of sexual harassment by the actor. In an incident dating back to 2005, the actor allegedly assaulted a man in Central London. 

Thursday 12th, April 2018: Across the Atlantic, prosecutors in Los Angeles review allegations of sexual assault against the actor. In light of this, LA Police file evidence of the incident from West Hollywood, dating back to 1992. 

Wednesday 5th, September 2018: The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced that the actor won’t face prosecution on charges dating back to 1992, citing that the incident was outside California’s statute of limitations. 

Monday 24th, December 2018: Charges of sexual assault levelled against the actor involving a teenager at a bar in Massachusetts in 2016. Spacey denied the allegations in a video posted by him. 

Monday 7th, January 2019: Charged with sexual assault and battery from a case dating back to 2016, Spacey appears in a Massachusetts court. The actor’s lawyers submitted a not guilty plea on his behalf. 

Wednesday 26, June 2019: The accuser from the incident in Nantucket (Massachusetts) sues the actor for unspecified damages. The lawsuit alleges that Spacey groped the then 18-year-olds genitals without his consent. 

Friday 5th, July 2019: The accuser drops the suit against Spacey. The case was dismissed with prejudice, implying that the accuser cannot refile at a later time. 

Saturday 6th, July 2019: As per Variety Magazine, the actor was questioned by London’s Met Police on charges of sexual assault back in May. 

Wednesday 17th, July 2019: Prosecutors drop criminal charges of assault and battery, springing from accusations that he groped an 18-year-old at a Massachusetts bar. 

Thursday 26th, May 2022: UK’s Crown Prosecution Service announced that the 62-year-old faces five charges of sexual assault- levelled against him by three men- after poring through evidence filed by the Met Police. The incidents occurred between 2005 to 2013.