If you are thinking about how to get rid of hangover then you have to try out some easy recipes that can do wonders and help you get rid of that constant dizziness.

Monica Galetti, the ‘Masterchef’ judge in one of her recent episodes stated that she always opts for something like mac and cheese if she is hungover, reports Guardian.

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“Pasta is great for soaking everything up. I put together a cheesy bechamel sauce and add bacon lardons to the pasta too. I like to have lots of cheese – once it goes in the oven I sprinkle even more on top. In my younger days, I would also swear by drinking tomato juice – not a bloody mary, just pure tomato juice,” she said in one of the episodes.

For  another chef Sat Bains, who is also the chef proprietor of Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms at Nottingham, it’s always less spicy chorizo eggs that make things normal. 

While describing the process, he says that he simply saute chorizo until the oil comes out of the sausage, then cracks two eggs on top. “It’s got grease, it’s got spice, and I’d usually top it with sriracha sauce and fresh coriander,” he told Guardian.com.

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London based celebrity chef Andi Oliver makes pie when he is really hungover.

“Anything with pastry – you need fats. There’s nothing worse than when you order bacon and eggs and you’re hungover, and they bring you back bacon – so disappointing. You want it fatty and crispy! Sometimes eggs can take you in the wrong direction, but a steamed pudding can be good,” he said and added that he sometimes also opts for “a drink with almond milk, coffee, rum and maple syrup over ice, and that was really fantastic.”

So which dish you are trying after your cocktail night?