A theme park in China will be opening a replica of the famous ship from the early 20th century, the Titanic. The backer of the project was inspired by the iconic Hollywood movie from 1997 with the same name, to recreate the ship, reports AFP.

Everything from the dining room to the luxury cabins, including even the door handles are styled as it was in the original Titanic, reports AFP

It took six years more than it took for the construction of the original Titanic, and 23,000 tons of steel, more than a hundred workers, and has a whopping price tag of one billion yuan ($153.5 million), reports AFP.

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Investor Su Shaojun said that he was motivated to finance the 260-metre-long (850-foot-long) replica to keep memories of the Titanic alive. “I hope this ship will be here in 100 or 200 years”, he said. “We are building a museum for the Titanic”, reports AFP.

The duplicate forms the centrepiece of a Sichuan province theme park more than 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) from the sea, reports AFP. The original luxury ship, the then-largest ship, was labelled “unsinkable” until it tragically strikes an iceberg in the Atlantic and resulted in the deaths of over 1,500 people in 1912. 

The tour buses in the park will play the film’s theme tune, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, as they take the rides. Su said that it will cost up to 2,000 yuan (around $150) to spend one night in the ship for the “five-star cruise service”. He added that a functioning steam engine will be installed so that guests would have a realistic experience of being in a sea, reports AFP.

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But even before its opening, the replica has drawn plenty of criticism as online users questioned if the ship would attract tourists considering the catastrophe that the original ship was struck with, reports AFP.