Aston Villa prepare to host Liverpool in the upcoming Premier League fixture as the current season draws to a close. Villa coach and former Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is wary of the competition ahead considering the Merseyside club’s form under German manager Jurgen Klopp

“Preparation is always about Aston Villa and preparing my team in the best way we can for whatever challenge faces us. Whoever I represent, I’ll go into the game wanting to win. The day I don’t have that urgency to win, I won’t be sitting in a seat like this”, Gerrard said ahead of the match. 

However, he’s also conceded that this Liverpool side is the best he’s seen. “I think to watch they are probably the best, because of the speed, the intensity and the mentality of this current group”, the 41-year-old continued. 

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Gerrard, who’s had a 17-year career with the Anfield side, said “I say that without disrespecting previous successful Liverpool teams, because I grew up watching them, the European Cup winners, serial league title-winners, I grew up on all the DNA of that club. I’m well aware that they have had world-class players, managers and teams previously, but I think to watch – on the eye, because of the way the game has changed, it has gone quicker and faster – I think you’re probably watching the best Liverpool team there’s been.” 

Knowing that his job is cut out for him, the former Liverpool midfielder said, “If the outcome is in our favour it would mean my team has gone above and beyond and performed extremely well. That is what it is going to take, to get the outcome we want, we need every single player at it, individually and collectively. There is no doubt about it, we need the perfect performance. That goes without saying. We also know that for us to achieve that we are going to have to probably post the best performance we have done so far.” 

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He concluded, “We will try to win all of the games that are in front of us but we know Liverpool is going to be a massive challenge.” 

Villa, who have gained seven points in their last three games would try to clinch a victory in the upcoming match to attempt a top-half finish.