China has called the current situation in Ukraine “undesirable” and stated it “regrets” the casualties there while refusing to acknowledge that Russian military action in the country is “an invasion”, CNN reported. 

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said in a briefing on Tuesday, “The safety of civilians’ lives and property should be effectively guaranteed, and in particular, large-scale humanitarian crises should be prevented”, and added, “The present situation is undesirable to us”, as per CNN. 

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They also reported him saying that all parties must show restraint to stop the situation in Ukraine from escalating further. 

Despite speaking out about the situation unfurling there, China remains as evasive about labelling the actions sanctioned by President Vladimir Putin as an invasion. Instead, the nation stands by the fact that there is a “complicated history and reality” behind the conflict, and it supports all possible diplomatic efforts to resolve the same, CNN reported. 

Wang also said, as per CNN, that China “always advocates a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security”. However, China has stuck to its stance that Russia’s demands for security are legitimate and should be treated with utmost seriousness. 

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The Foreign Ministry spokesperson was also asked if China would join other countries in providing supplies to Ukraine. To this, he replied that the country was focused on playing a “constructive role” to ease the tensions there, and more information would be released in due course, CNN reported. 

Notably, China and Russia share close ties, which were further strengthened with Putin meeting Chinese head of state Xi Jinping during the Beijing Winter Olympics. While the situation in Ukraine has unfolded, China has constantly urged the world to pay heed to Moscow’s security demands. As per Putin, NATO should block Ukraine’s entry into the organization, and they should reduce military presence in eastern Europe.