Israel and the Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, agreed to a ceasefire on Thursday to end 11 days of conflict.

The decision came after heavy US pressure to halt the offensive, Associated Press reported .

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A statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the security cabinet had “unanimously accepted the recommendations to accept an Egyptian initiative for an unconditional… ceasefire.”

Hamas and Islamic Jihad then confirmed the ceasefire in a statement, saying it would come into force at 2:00 am Friday (2300 GMT).

Earlier, the public broadcaster Kan said the fighting was to come to an immediate end, while other TV channels said it would go into effect at 2 AM.

Since the start of the fighting on May 10, Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes that according to the government were solely targeting Hamas’ infrastructure, including a vast tunnel network.

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Hamas and other militant groups have fired over 4,000 rockets at Israeli cities, with most falling short or intercepted.

According to a claim by Gaza health officials, at least 230 Palestinians have been killed. Twelve people in Israel have died, Associated Press reported .