In a knockout game, Memphis Grizzlies registered a 117-112 win against Golden State Warriors, sealing the eighth and final playoff spot in Western Conference. 

The Grizzles had stayed alive in the play-in tournament with a 100-96 victory over San Antonio on Wednesday that eliminated the Spurs from contention. They will now take on the top-seeded Utah Jazz in a first-round clash.

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After back-to-back losses in the play-ins, it is the end of the road for Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors.

In a close win, Ja Morant and co. got the better of the State Warriors, Morant scored 35 points, including six rebounds, six assists and four steals. Grizzlies were on a 110-109 lead in the overtime. The 21-year-old player then scored two straight running 10-foot floaters that sealed the deal for the Grizzlies. 

Though, star player Stephen Curry scored the most- 39 points in the game, his team could not get the better of the Grizzlies. Aside from Morant’s top game, the solid defense by the Memphis team pushed them to victory. 

Though, in a season where Curry seemed like an answer for the State Warriors, Morant and co. got the best of their opponents, sealing their spot in the playoffs.