Mike Johnson, an American lawmaker who represents Louisiana‘s fourth district in the United States House of Representatives, called out US President Joe Biden‘s “incompetent administration” on the situation in Afghanistan, labelling it as an “avoidable disaster”, according to US media reports.

His statement read, “The American people awoke this morning to yet another incomprehensible and utterly avoidable disaster created by the incompetent Biden Administration”, according to reports from CNBC.

Johnson, who is a member of the Republican party, wrote about the trillions of dollars spent on the country’s security forces to maintain a stronghold in Afghanistan and how Biden’s “disastrously executed drawdown” led the country to cede back to the Taliban in a few days after decades of US military presence.

“Afghans that have helped the United States over the years are being killed, along with their families. People are hanging onto the side of planes as they evacuate for fear of their lives under Taliban rule. There should be top to bottom accountability at the Pentagon and within the Administration for this disaster”, the Republican House Representative wrote in the statement, according to reports from CNBC.

“That this stunning failure has been met with silence from President Biden calls into serious question his ability to carry out his duties as Commander in Chief”, the statement added.

The US President has faced heavy criticism over the past few days from members of the opposing political party as the crackdown worsens in war-torn Afghanistan.

On Sunday, US Senate minority leader and prominent GOP lawmaker Mitch McConnel lashed out at the Joe Biden administration for its hurried exit from Afghanistan as the Taliban

He wrote on Twitter, “The Biden Administration’s botched exit from Afghanistan including the frantic evacuation of Americans and vulnerable Afghans from Kabul is a shameful failure of American leadership. The United States had the capacity to avoid this disaster”.