The second black box of the crashed China Eastern flight was recovered from the wreckage, state media reported on Sunday. The Boeing 737-800 crash last week killed all 132 people on board.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said on Sunday that the black box (which is typically an orange cylinder) was found buried nearly five feet beneath the ground on a mountain slope. Experts later confirmed that the discovered article was in fact the second black box, according to reports from Associated Press.

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The first black box was found soon after the search operations began, giving investigators insight into the cockpit voice recordings. The second black box found recently was programmed to store flight data and will help determine what caused the plane to plummet from 29,000 feet (8,800 meters) and into a forested mountainside in southern China.

In a press conference before the announcement, state officials also announced that all 132 individuals on board the Boeing 737-800 flight had been confirmed dead. Out of these, nine were crew members.

The search operations were previously disrupted by rainfall at the crash site, due to which the fiery pit created by the flight crash was filled with water. Mudslides were also a risk. 

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Authorities also expanded the search radius in an attempt to find the second black box after the first one was discovered. It took four extra days to unearth the second black box.

Flight MU5735 crashed Monday en route from the city of Kunming in southeastern China to Guangzhou, a major city and export manufacturing hub near Hong Kong. An air traffic controller tried to contact the pilots several times after seeing the plane’s altitude drop sharply but got no reply, officials have said.