A video of buildings collapsing to the ground due to an aerial defense attack has been circulating on the internet under a false claim. 

The false claim

According to the claim, the video features a building of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence being bombarded by an airstrike by the Russian forces during the ongoing war between the two countries. 

A caption of the video reads, “Three missiles, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense building was instantly razed to the ground. Before the Russian troops launched the missile, they did two strange things:

1. Notify foreign reporters to shoot nearby.

2. Notify all people in the building to evacuate.

The missile accurately blasted the ground floor and caused the building to collapse, and finally shot the middle.

*Not an indiscriminate shooting; it is purely to shock Ukraine!”

The truth 

The video was originally captured in May 2021. It features the collapse of the Al-Shorouk Tower in Gaza by an Israeli airstrike during Israel’s attack on the Palestinian city. 

The video, now circulating on the internet, includes a watermark that reads”@omaralsersawi”. An Instagram account of the same username had uploaded the video and a few other similar posts on May 12, 2021, with the caption”#gazaunderattack”.

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On May 14, 2021, the video was also shared by ABC News on Twitter with the caption, “Video shows the moment an Israeli airstrike hit and levelled the 14-story Al-Shorouk Tower in Gaza amid an escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas.”

While Russia continues to wage war against Ukraine, there have been no reports of a Russian attack on the building of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence. 

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The false claim comes as Russia completes a month of its invasion of Ukraine. 

As Russia continues the war, Ukraine’s besieged city of Mariupol has been one of the worst-hit, flooded with mass graves containing hundreds of decaying corpses.