Two ballistic missiles that put Abu Dhabi in the crosshairs were intercepted by the United Arab Emirates on early Monday, state media reported. The missiles were part of the latest attacks launched against the Gulf nation this month.

Yemen’s Houthi rebel militia’s spokesperson said that the attack was launched against both United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. However, the spokesperson did not elaborate further.

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The news comes nearly a week after a rare drone attack in Abu Dhabi killed at least three people– two of whom were Indians– and injured several others. The country swiftly banned the use of drones for recreational purposes to curb such incidents.

According to reports from Abu Dhabi’s WAM news agency, the debris of the ballistic missiles fell over the national capital but did not cause any damage.

United Arab Emirates’ Defense Ministry said that they are “ready to deal with any threats and that it takes all necessary measures to protect the state from all attacks”, according to reports from Associated Press citing the WAM news agency.

Air traffic of the Abu Dhabi International Airport was also disrupted due to the missile attack for nearly an hour after the projectiles were brought down. 

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Videos posted to social media show the sky over the capital light up before dawn Monday, with points of light looking like interceptor missiles in the sky. The videos corresponded to known features of Abu Dhabi, according to reports from Associated Press.

United States citizens living in United Arab Emirates were also given a security alert that warned them to “maintain a high level of security awareness.” The warning was issued by the American embassy in the Gulf nation. The alert included instructions on how to cope with missile attacks, something unheard-of previously in the country.