Zamazenta is a Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon and was originally found in the Galar region. It was introduced in the VIII Generation. Zamazenta is weak against Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type Pokemon and strong against Bug, Poison, Dragon, Dark, Grass, Ice, Normal, Steel and Rock-type Pokemon.

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Zamazenta resembles a quadrupedal red fur-colored wolf-like creature with a large shield-like mane and dark blue fur sticking out from the bottom of the mane, sticking upward on the frontal paws and pointing up on the head as a high ponytail. Zamazenta’s body has several scars and scratches and its right ear is half cut-off. In its Crowned Shield form, its mane turns into a huge, gold shield with red highlights, as well as crown-like texture on its head that covers the half cut-off ear. Its ponytail and tail are neater now. It also has many scars and shaggy fur. Zamazenta, similar to Zacian, can absorb metal to assume its crowned form. Its shield can slide into a different alignment when defending or using Behemoth Bash, which is described as strong enough to crack the land and the resulting shockwaves can defeat multiple enemies simultaneously, as well as being able to go through mountains. Its shield can deflect most attacks, even Dragon Claw cant dent it.

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Zamazenta has a max Combat Power (CP) of 4329. Zacian – type, strength, weakness, statsThe best moves of Zamazenta are Metal Claw and Iron Head.

Zamazenta quick stats:

Base stats

Max CP: 4329

Attack: 254

Defense: 236

HP: 192


Zamazenta is boosted by Cloudy and Snow weather. It is a strong Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon.


Zamazenta is vulnerable to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type moves.

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Zamazenta best moves are Metal Claw and Iron Head.