Mukesh Ambani, 65, delivered an address at the 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Ltd on Monday afternoon. The RIL chairman provided crucial updates on matters like the deployment of 5G in India, the company’s booming export rate and many more.

Who is Mukesh Ambani?

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian businessman, born
in Aden, Yemen on April 19, 1957. He is the son of Dhirubhai Ambani, who in his
struggling days, worked at a gas station.

The Mumbai-based billionaire is the chairman and
managing editor of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a company that has a
revenue of $74 billion. His company’s interest reply in petrochemicals, oil and
gas, telecom, and retail. ‘Reliance‘ was first started by Dhirubhai Ambani in
1996, as a small textile manufacturer.

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Mukesh Ambani’s Education

Ambani did his studies in India itself. He completed
his bachelor’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering, at the University of Mumbai.
Later, he went to Stanford University, USA, to pursue his MBA program but
dropped out from there to join the PFY manufacturing plant that was being
established by his father.

Mukesh Ambani’s career boom

After the death of his father, ‘Reliance’ was split
between Mukesh Ambani and his younger brother Anil Ambani.

In 2006, Mukesh Ambani started a supermarket named-
Reliance Fresh and within 8 years, this supermarket chain grew to more than 700
stores across India.

From being India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani become
Asia’s richest person after he signed a deal with Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook
Inc on April 22, 2020. Facebook bought 10% of Jio platforms gave a boom in his
net worth,  with having a net worth of
$49.2 billion (then), overtaking China’s Jack Ma as Asia’s richest person.

With his brilliance, In 2016 the launch of ‘Jio’
stirred a telecom price war as the ‘Jio’ sim plans have the best cheaper
choices than other leading companies. Currently, Google & Facebook are one
of the biggest investors.

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Moreover, his company plans to invest $80 billion in
the upcoming 10-15 years in renewable energy.

India’s Richest billionaire, during the COVID-19
pandemic, boosted over $20 billion by selling a third of ‘Jio’ to a
few investors, like Google and Facebook.

Ambani’s merchandise owns Network 18, a license of
Forbes media, and a few more entities.