Matthew Christopher Harris, a former lecturer at the University of California, has been taken into custody on Tuesday morning after he allegedly threatened the college. He also detailed potential violence against the University of Colorado, Boulder, in an 800-page manifesto.

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Who is Matthew Christopher Harris?

Matthew Christopher Harris joined the University of California as a postdoctoral fellow in philosophy in 2019 after receiving his PhD from Duke University, North Carolina. In March 2021, he was placed on leave from the university allegedly after he sent a video with pornographic content to a student. 

“He works on philosophy of race, personal identity, and related issues in philosophy of mind,” a newsletter from UCLA’s Philosophy Department in the spring of 2019 said.

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On January 2022, Harris reportedly uploaded a video titled “UCLA PHILOSOPHY (MASS SHOOTING)” to his YouTube channel and shared the video with UCLA philosophers. He also sent them an 800-page manifesto, making threats towards some members of the university’s Department of Philosophy. The YouTube, which contained over 300 videos, has since been taken down. 

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UCLA tweeted overnight that in-person classes were cancelled Tuesday after a “concerning email and posting” was sent to members of the university community.

“The threats made yesterday were frightening for many of us and caused our community to feel vulnerable at an already challenging time,” said a statement signed by Assistant Vice Chancellors Suzanne L. Seplow and Michael Deluca.

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Following a search, the accused was taken into custody on Tuesday morning. 

Colorado authorities “have taken into custody the individual who made threats agains some of our UCLA community yesterday,” the university said in a statement.

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