Here goes another feel good comedy drama in Apple TV Plus’ hat. Acapulco is a 10-episode series inspired by the 2017 film ‘How to Be a Latin Lover’. Starring Euginio Derbez as Máximo Gallardo, a rich Mexican businessman living in Malibu, the show features him recalling his character’s life events to nephew Hugo and passing on the life lessons it learnt. 

Maximo is a diligent man who gets a job at Las Colinas luxury resort in 1984 and works even harder to get ahead and out of poverty. The show effortlessly switches between English and Spanish. Well, bilingualism is no more a barrier and who would prove it better than the current Netflix smash Squid Game

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The 80s setting reflects the show’s peppy outlook on love, wealth and life. In a tug of war between morals and greed, Maximo enters a situation where he has to decide whether he could exploit innocents to make money for himself. Then of course, there’s a love angle to all of this. Based on the first two episodes, we come to know that he falls hard for Julia, who happens to be dating another man. The show is light and breezy, wearing its charm perfectly in a sunny laid back fashion. However, the show doesn’t shy away from a bit of melancholy dotting the whole setting. 

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Authenticity continues to hover in the background with several twists and turns in Maximo’s ascension through the ranks at Las Colinas, questioning what is real and what not. Acapulco is largely a skillful comedy that treads on tender hearted goofiness and comic setups. It’s not the relentless optimism that shines through, it is the need to live up to your own best memories that takes the cake in the show. 

The first two episodes of the show premiered on October 3 on Apple TV Plus. New episodes are released every Friday.