Speculations surrounding the rumored romance between singing legend Shakira and NBA player Jimmy Butler are fuming after they were spotted at a dinner excursion in London on Wednesday night.

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The most recent dinner outing is one more image of the many subtle interactions that have fueled the persistent suspicions. Shakira, 46, lives in Miami with her two sons from a previous relationship with Gerard Piqué, 38, Milan (9) and Sasha (7). She showed her support for the Miami Heat squad and Jimmy Butler by attending a Miami Heat game in May and posting a selfie video. Additionally, it was claimed that Butler loved a picture of Shakira displaying her guitar talents a few days later.

As reported by US Weekly, Shakira, and Jimmy Butler have gone out together a few times. But since their relationship is still young, it is too soon to say whether it will turn into a long-term alliance. Additionally, the insider stated that Shakira seems unconcerned about their 13-year age gap, indicating that it is not a concern for her.

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However, it is important to note that no official confirmation or statement has been made regarding their relationship status. After the rumors of their relationship surfaced, several users on Twitter reacted to the news. One user wrote, “I feel like Jimmy will keep Shakira’s favorite jahm fully stocked and he won’t let another broad near it. 🥰”

“Easily the biggest W of Jimmy’s career,” another user tweeted.

Though there are allegations involving Jimmy Butler and Shakira, the singer was also photographed with Mercedes race car driver Lewis Hamilton while she was in London.

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Shakira was sighted last week at Silverstone, watching the F1 British Grand Prix. The Colombian joined Hamilton at his after-party in London after he placed third in that race. This increased the dating speculation around Lewis Hamilton.