As the release date for ‘1989 – Taylor’s Version’ approaches, fans are eagerly speculating about potential guest artists on the album, with previous rumors mentioning Nicki Minaj and Matty Healy as possible collaborators. While Taylor Swift has confirmed that there will be five songs “From The Vault” on the new tracklist, she has not addressed whether these unreleased tracks will feature other singers’ vocals.

The original tracklist for ‘1989’ did not include any guest artists, but there is a long-standing theory of a secret song with Harry Styles, who is also her ex-boyfriend.

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are known to support each other’s music, and Nicki’s album ‘Pink Friday 2’ is set to release shortly after ‘1989 – Taylor’s Version.’ They had a friendly exchange at the 2023 VMAs, with Taylor referring to Nicki as “my favorite Sagittarius.”

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Online rumors suggest that Taylor may have invited Nicki to re-record ‘Bad Blood,’ a song they performed together at the 2015 VMAs. Other sources have hinted at a collaboration on ‘Reputation – Taylor’s Version,’ although no release date has been confirmed for that project. There are also rumors of Taylor Swift being featured on ‘Pink Friday 2.’

The longest-running collaboration theory among Swifties is the belief that Harry Styles features on the ‘1989 – Taylor’s Version’ tracklist in one of the songs “From The Vault.” These “Vault” tracks refer to songs Taylor recorded when initially creating her album but didn’t include on the original tracklist.

Fans began speculating about a possible collaboration between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift shortly before the ‘1989’ announcement when the former couple started following each other on Instagram. Taylor has mentioned that her songs “From The Vault” are unreleased tracks that have never been heard before and may feature some of her favorite singers. Given their good relationship, it’s plausible that Harry could be involved.

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Another rumored collaboration was with Matty Healy from The 1975, with whom Taylor briefly dated earlier in the year. However, a spokesperson for Taylor Swift confirmed that neither Matt Healy nor The 1975 will be featured on the re-recording of ‘1989.’

If Ed Sheeran features on the ‘1989 – Taylor’s Version’ tracklist, it wouldn’t be their first collaboration. They previously collaborated on the song “Everything Has Changed” in 2012 and released a music video for their 2021 collaboration “The Joker And The Queen,” featuring the grown-up child stars from their first video. Their close friendship and musical history make fans even more convinced that Ed may appear on a song from “The Vault.”