Following the success of India’s inaugural Metaverse Concert, which drew 20 million people globally, famed Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi has purchased a piece of Metaverse and named it ‘Balle Balle Land.’

Balle Balle Land, or BBL, is India’s first land acquisition on Metaverse. On Holi, Daler Mehndi formally opened the area.

Balle Balle Land is home to a business that sells NFT-based items. BBL also has a massive golden monument of the singer and would hold performances by the pop star and other artists.

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Daler Mehndi intends to use Balle Balle Land as a global platform to promote Punjabi and Sufi music. “This platform (Metaverse) will also help me develop talent and assist the Punjab, Sufi, Pop music, and Bollywood music communities thrive,” the singer stated.

Daler Mehndi just became the first Indian musician to play at a Metaverse event, joining the ranks of Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Marshmallow, and Ariana Grande.

The king of pop music, Daler Mehndi, is recognised for wonderfully immersing audiences in his magical universe by spectacularly mesmerising them with his high-octane performance style and trendsetting attitude in the music sphere.

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He was asked to play at the first-ever Indian Metaverse Concert this year on the 73rd Republic Day, which commemorated India’s entry into the digital sphere. He pleased his followers beyond their wildest dreams as he expertly combined patriotic fervour with sounds and actions evocative of a bygone age. As they participated online in the performance, the fans picked various avatars and dancing moves.

Daler Mehndi previously played in a virtual concert called PartyNite Metaverse, which was created by Hyderabad-based game firm Gametronics.

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“We have had a fabulous association with Daler ji. We want to continue this relationship and Balle Balle land is a move in that direction. We want to grow a community of musicians and integrate as much as possible with the physical world. It is an ever-expanding space and there is a huge scope for innovation,” stated Rajat Ojha, c.reator of PartyNite Metaverse.