Beyoncé is all set to dazzle her fans with the highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour, which kicked off on May 10 at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. As the world eagerly awaits her performances, a potential setlist for the tour has been making waves on social media. While there is speculation about its authenticity, eager fans are already buzzing with excitement.

Starting at approximately 2 p.m. ET, Beyoncé will power through an estimated three-hour show, leaving the audience in awe with her mesmerizing stage presence. The setlist, which may vary from show to show, promises an exhilarating musical experience for her loyal fans around the globe.

Following her opening night in Stockholm, Beyoncé will grace the Friends Arena once again on May 11 before embarking on her European leg, visiting countries such as Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, and the United Kingdom. The tour will then cross the Atlantic, commencing the North American leg on July 8 in Toronto, Canada, and culminating on September 27 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Without further ado, let’s delve into the setlist that has been circulating online. Please note that this setlist represents the first show and might not be entirely accurate for every performance:

  1. Dangerously In Love
  2. Flaws and All
  3. 1+1
  4. I’m Goin’ Down (Mary J. Blige cover)
  5. I Care

The Renaissance (Interlude) sets the stage for the next segment:

  1. I’m That Girl
  2. Cozy”
  3. Alien Superstar” (“Sweet Dreams” Mash-Up)
  4. Lift Off (Kanye West & Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé)

Transitioning into the 7/11 (Interlude), the show continues with:

  1. Cuff It (extended with Wetter Remix intro)
  2. Energy
  3. Break My Soul (extended with The Queens remix)

The “No Angel” (Interlude) paves the way for an electrifying series of performances:

  1. “Formation
  2. “Diva
  3. Run the World (Girls)
  4. My Power
  5. Black Parade
  6. Savage (Megan Thee Stallion Remix)
  7. Partition

The Yonce (Interlude) brings a shift in tone, leading to the following hits:

  1. Church Girl
  2. Get Me Bodied
  3. Before I Let Go
  4. Rather Die Young
  5. Love On Top (Jackson 5 mash-up)
  6. Crazy In Love

The Freedom (Interlude) introduces a captivating sequence:

  1. Plastic Off the Sofa
  2. Virgo’s Groove / Naughty Girl
  3. Move
  4. Heated

The Megamix (Interlude) takes the audience on a thrilling ride:

  1. Thique
  2. All Up In Your Mind
  3. Drunk In Love
  4. America Has a Problem
  5. Pure/Honey
  6. Summer Renaissance

As the show concludes with the infectious beats of “Summer Renaissance,” fans are left wanting more, eagerly anticipating the next stop on the Renaissance World Tour.

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Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour promises to be an awe-inspiring spectacle, showcasing her unmatched talent and captivating stage presence. With a diverse and energetic setlist that spans her illustrious career, Beyoncé is sure to leave her mark on audiences worldwide as she embarks on this global musical journey.