Dick Wolf produced the docuseries, Blood and Money, which covers notorious crimes over money, with direct, unscripted interviews with family members, close friends, and law enforcement agencies. Episode 2 covered the brutal murder of Sheila Bellush, a mother of six, in her Sarasota Apartment, whose body was subsequently found by her 13-year-old daughter.

When Stevie Bellush returned home from school on 7th November 1997, she found her mother lying dead in the kitchen. She had been shot in the face, and her throat slit. Upon divorce from Allen Blackthorne, Sheila married Jamie Bellush, with whom she had quadruplets. Stevie watched as her unaware siblings walked around their mother’s pool, leaving footprints all over the house.

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Sheila had become somewhat of a celebrity after the birth of her quadruplets, earning the name ‘quad mom’. Local media witnessed the unusual birth and even filmed their first birthday. The quadruplets had hardly learned to form words when their mother was killed right before them by a shooter hired by Sheila’s ex-husband Allen Blackthorne. 

The four brothers and sisters, Frankie, Timmy, Joey, and Courtney, grew up only remembering their mother from her pictures and stories from other family members. When they were found at the crime scene, Sheila had made each of the four wear a life vest, as there was a pool in the house. 

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While the quadruplets were too young to understand what happened, Stevie and Daryl Belush were more than aware of their father’s doing. During the court proceedings in 2000, Daryl Belush made it clear that she hated Blackthorne for what he had done to her mother and, from that day onwards, would never refer to him as ‘dad.’  

Stevie and Daryl Belush were adopted immediately by their stepfather, Jamie Bush, after he married Sheila. The loss of his daughters in the custody battle allegedly drove Allen Balckthorne to commit such a crime.