Damon Albarn, the frontman of the band Blur, has reportedly ended his relationship with partner Suzi Winstanley after 25 years, according to the Daily Mail. Winstanley is said to be devastated by the split and has moved out of their Notting Hill home. The couple has a 23-year-old daughter together.

Despite the split, Winstanley was seen supporting Albarn during his performance with Blur at the British Summer Time festival earlier this month, leaving the timing of their separation unclear.

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In a candid interview with French magazine Paris Match, Albarn hinted at going through a tough time over the past year, stating that “the last few months, the last year has not been easy.” He expressed that music has been his outlet to cope with difficult emotions and that the band’s new album, “The Ballad of Darren,” is linked to his personal life, which he described as “complicated” and marked by heartbreak.

While Albarn did not directly confirm that the album’s content revolves around his relationship with Winstanley, some lyrics suggest a connection to their breakup. In a song called “The Ballad,” the lyrics express sentiments of loss and longing, with lines like, “I just looked into my life, and all I saw was that you’re not coming back.”

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As fans process this unexpected news, they hope both Albarn and Winstanley find peace and healing in the wake of their separation.