An outfit ensemble worn by popular K-pop band BTS in a music video was auctioned for $162,500 in Charity Relief Auction on Monday. This amounts to almost eight times the
original cost price, announced Julien’s auction.

In a Twitter post shared by Julien’s auction, the company said that the amount collected from the deal will be send to a charity named MusiCares.

In December last year, the band made the announcement that they would donate one of their video outfits to a charity.

The pastel-coloured ensemble was donned by the Grammy nominated music artists in a super-hit music video  and featured Namjoon’s yellow Kangol hat; Jin’s all-pink ensemble, a pink T-shirt, RM
and Suga’s yellow T-shirts, matching button-down shirts and shorts, trousers
and sneakers; J-Hope’s pink and white polo shirts and pink shorts; Jungkook’s
blue T-shirt and blue button-down shirt which he wore with a pair of blue sweat
pants; V’s blue sweater, sweat pants and blue Kangol cap and Jimin’s lavender
T-shirt, button-down shirt, sweat pants.

The auction also a saw the set of sneakers paired by the BTS musicians in the music video.

The song ‘Dynamite’, which has broken a dozen records since the release, made its spot at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August last year and the American musician Justin Bieber himself hailed the K-pop creation.