In a poignant development, Mallorca Lee, the visionary founder of Ultra Sonic, a prominent Scottish dance music group from the 1990s, has passed away at the age of 51. His demise comes weeks after revealing a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Cause of Death

Mallorca Lee succumbed to the challenges posed by terminal cancer, a battle he bravely faced and shared with his fans on social media. The announcement of his passing came from fellow musician DJ Kid, expressing deep sadness over the loss of a legendary figure.

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At the time of his passing, Mallorca Lee was 51 years old, leaving behind a rich legacy in the music industry and a devoted fan base that cherished his contributions to the dance music scene.

Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $1 million, Mallorca Lee had made a substantial impact on the music landscape, especially during the rise of Ultra Sonic in the 1990s. His influence and talent contributed to the success of the techno group.


Mallorca Lee was married to Maria, and their enduring partnership spanned several years. His surviving wife now faces the heartbreaking loss of her husband, and the Lee family is undoubtedly grappling with the void left by the legendary DJ.


As the founder of Ultra Sonic, Mallorca Lee played a pivotal role in shaping the Scottish dance music scene. The techno group garnered a loyal following in the rave scene, achieving chart success with singles like Do you believe in Love? and Obsession. Their legacy continued with the release of Hardcore Will Never Die in 2020.

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Mallorca Lee’s passing leaves a profound impact on the music community, and tributes pour in for the DJ, acknowledging his energy and lasting legacy. His family’s simple yet heartfelt message on social media, “We love you infinity, goodbye, and safe trip,” encapsulates the collective sentiment of those mourning the loss of a musical icon.