Recent reports have set the music world abuzz with rumors that singers Rauw Alejandro and Camila Cabello may be romantically involved. The news emerged just days after Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia announced their breakup, putting an end to their engagement.

In the wake of their split, Rauw Alejandro faced accusations of infidelity, with some speculating that Colombian model Valeria Duque was involved in the drama. However, the Puerto Rican singer firmly denied the presence of a third party in his relationship with Rosalia, shutting down the allegations.

A source from Entertainment Online News has now claimed that Rauw Alejandro and Camila Cabello are indeed dating. The report was substantiated by host Raúl de Molina, an Emmy-winning broadcaster from the show “El Gordo and La Flaca.” According to Molina, he received the information from a reliable and trustworthy source, and he vouched for the veracity of the news.

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“I’ve been told, from a very good source, an extremely good source, that he’s been dating Camila Cabello,” Molina confirmed during his show. He emphasized the credibility of his information and reiterated that he wouldn’t share it on air without a strong basis. Molina also suggested that Rauw Alejandro’s relationship with Camila began after a dispute with Rosalia.

People has confirmed that Camila Cabello and Rauw Alejandro are not dating, with a source stating that the romance rumors are “100 percent not true.” The two artists coincidentally attended the same events but did not spend significant time together, dispelling the dating speculations.

The alleged romance between Camila and Rauw seemingly unfolded in Puerto Rico. Camila traveled to the island to attend the annual Premios Juventud on July 20, where Alejandro was also present. Five days later, both artists were spotted at the Inter Miami CF match in Florida, where the two teams faced off against Atlanta United.

Meanwhile, the breakup between Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia garnered significant attention earlier in the week. On Twitter, Alejandro was quick to address the situation and clarify any misconceptions. He confirmed the end of their relationship but firmly denied that any infidelity or involvement of third parties led to the split.

“Yes, a few months ago Rosi and I ended our relationship. There are thousands of problems that can cause a break-up, but in our case, it was not because of third parties or infidelity,” Rauw Alejandro tweeted, shedding light on the real reason behind their separation.

On the other hand, Rosalia’s response was more emotional, expressing her gratitude for the time they spent together and addressing the challenges of discussing such a private matter publicly. She conveyed the personal nature of the issue, emphasizing how unexpected it was for her to find herself in a situation where she needed to make public statements about her private life.

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Although some reports hinted at the involvement of Colombian model Valeria Duque, she vehemently denied any participation in the breakup between Rauw and Rosalia.

As of now, neither Camila Cabello nor Rauw Alejandro has officially confirmed or denied the emerging reports about their alleged relationship. As the speculations continue to circulate, fans and the media eagerly await any official statements from the artists themselves to shed light on the truth behind the rumors.