Legendary singer Celine Dion’s fans raged at Rolling Stone after it released its 200 Greatest Singers Of All Time list. The list did not include their idol, while it included a number of less experienced musicians, which left Dion’s fans seething with anger.

The 54-year-old Canadian singer is known for her power-packed, technically skilled vocal cords. With her one-of-a-kind voice, she has amassed more than 200 million record sales worldwide and enjoyed decades in the limelight.

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Fans took to Twitter to vent their anger on Rolling Stone. “Celine Dion was not included on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest singers of all time. Taylor Swift was,” one of them said, while another noted, “Celine Dion is a top 3 vocalist of all time. Rolling Stone needs to immediately exit the business of music journalism.”.

One user wrote, “Look… you can argue Celine Dion’s music is not your cup of tea and that’s fair. You can argue Celine’s songs are now irrelevant in today’s Billie Eilish generation and that’s also fair. But to say that Celine Dion is not among all-time greatest singers is unbelievable.”

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Another wrote, “Céline Dion has been singing INSANE vocals for decades. Don’t discredit the queen.” One more stated, “Less than a month after Celine Dion goes public with her disability, she’s left off Rolling Stone’s greatest singers of all time list. Disgusting.”

As for the rest of the list, many agreed that Rolling Stone got it accurate. Aretha Franklin was given the number one spot followed up by Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday and Mariah Carey, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Otis Redding, and Al Green.

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R&B and soul artists dominated the Top 10, which became more varied when it hit number 11, with rock and rock and pop singers. Little Richard and John Lennon were 11 and 12, followed by Patsy Cline, Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, Prince, Elvis Presley, Celia Cruz, Frank Sinatra and Marvin Gaye.