Andy Dick, the comedian and actor, was arrested on Friday early morning in Lake Elsinore, California, for public intoxication. The police later found out that the 57-year-old had failed to register with Lake Elsinore Police Department on his due visit in a sexual offense case from May 2022 for which he was arrested. 

The sheriff’s deputies said that they got a call about an intoxicated person and when they arrived on the scene, they found the actor and comedian in an intoxicated state.

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They said that Dick was arrested without any incident and was taken to the station and booked on public intoxication charges.

Upon arrival at the station, the deputies checked Dick’s records and found out that he was a sex offender and was not up to date on his registration. The charges relate to an incident from May 2022 when Dick was arrested by the police after being accused of sexual battery. The arrest was famously live-streamed.

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Eventually, the Community and The Andy Dick show actor got booked on two charges – public intoxication and the failure to show up on his previous charges of sexual battery. 

TMZ said that this is the second time in eight months that Dick is being arrested. Earlier, he went behind the bars for stealing power tools from someone’s garage in Santa Barbara, California.