Kevin Spacey made an appearance in court on Monday in London, where he continued his week-long trial for a dozen sexual crime accusations.

The first claimed victim to testify in the trial was heard in front of the jury. The victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, claimed that over the period of five years, Spacey frequently grabbed and touched him despite his repeated requests for the actor to cease.

The first accused victim to testify in the trial claimed that Spacey violently seized him when they were travelling to an A-list party, nearly causing the car to crash.

In the early 2000s, at the height of Spacey’s stardom, the two were en route to Elton John’s renowned White Tiara Ball, the man claimed.

“He grabbed me so hard I almost drove off the road,” the alleged victim told Southward Crown Court via a filmed police interview. “He grabbed me really hard, it really hurt. I said ‘Don’t you f***ing do that or I will knock you out.’ He laughed. I will never forget it.”

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted to the police that he had twelve sexual encounters with Spacey during a five-year period. The actor was “mixed up and confused” about his sexuality at the time, the man claimed.

The complainant said Spacey was “pretending to be nice” but was a “predator” who was “aggressive”.

He described Spacey as a “slippery, snaking, difficult person”, adding: “He would tell me he had a troubled childhood. He was a confused man. Didn’t know at the time whether he was gay or straight.”

The complainant alleged it was “well-known he [Spacey] was up to no good” among those associated with the Old Vic theatre and young, good looking people were warned to “be careful”.