Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot for PAPER Magazine has landed him in troubled waters. After the photos appeared on social media, lawyer Vedika Chaubey and an office-bearer of a local NGO filed separate FIRs against him at Chembur Police Station. Based on the twin complaints, Mumbai Police registered a case against the Bollywood actor under various sections of the IPC- 292, 293 and 509- and Section 67(A) of the Information Technology Act. It has drawn mixed reactions from Bollywood personalities.

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Swara Bhaskar took to Twitter to express her frustrations. Pointing out the senseless outrage at Ranveer’s photos as heinous crimes went unnoticed, she urged people against shoving their views on others:

“Daily cases of injustice and oppression in India, but sure… our outrage is reserved for Ranveer Singh’s photos! I mean, seriously… don’t like it, don’t look at it! Not your cup of tea, don’t drink it! But don’t ‘thopo’ your preferences on us! And no, this isn’t a moral issue!,” wrote the actress.

But Sherlyn Chopra dragged Ranveer’s wife Deepika Padukone into this mess, citing some prior occasion when she felt the star actress had slighted her. Speaking on India Today TV, the actress-model went on a mini rant:

“When I did a bold shoot for an international magazine, society called me characterless and many other names. Why the double standard? Ye doglapan kyu? Double standards kyu? Jab maine shoot kiya tha, mere badan pe keere padey the?”, quotes India Today.

“Mat boliye ki yeh toh chalta hain, it’s okay. Hum kyu isey ek issue bana rahe hain. Yeh toh non-issue hain. Hain ye ek issue. Jis tarah Deepika Padukone ne mujhko dekha. Main dikhana chahti hoon camera ko wo look kaisa tha, aise upar se neeche. Ki itna chota sa top, itne chote sa short. Garimat hain kuch toh tha jism par. Apke patidev ke jism par kya hain madam? Kachu nahi hain,” she added.

(Loose translation: Don’t say this works, that it’s okay. That, we are unnecessarily creating an issue out of it. It is an issue. The way Deepika Padukone looked at me [at an event] because of the clothes I wore (scanning her eyes from top to bottom). Thankfully, I at least had clothes on my body. What’s on your husband’s body? Nothing.)

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Speaking on the same program, actress-model Anveshi Jain was the sensible voice compared to her co-panellist.

“As an Indian, we should definitely take care of Indian sentiments. But as far as something so outrageous happening, I didn’t see that coming. We make things a bigger issue than it is. As much as we say we should not highlight something, we are highlighting this by talking way too much about it. If you have to blame somebody, it is those who are making it a big-big news. Otherwise, it would have been other actors who have posed like him in the past, from Milind Soman to Mr Khanna,” she reasoned.

“Well, it is very much understood because it’s Ranveer Singh, he is a superstar of our country and the youth look upto him. In fact, I met him two days before the shoot happened and he is such a flamboyant man. It’s just an extension of his expression and the way he wanted to express himself. As an artiste, we have to understand that we don’t have to get attached to the work that we do. Even if it is his own concept or team concept or PR concept, that is being done for some reason. It’s not who he really is. If Deepika Padukone approves of it, then it shouldn’t be made into a big issue that it is today,” concluded Anveshi.

As this harebrained chapter gathers more steam, we wait for the cream of Bollywood to chip in with their opinions. Stay tuned!