Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently shared an interesting anecdote from her pageant days, revealing a connection between herself and her now-husband, Nick Jonas. During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 40-year-old actress disclosed that her singer husband, who is 30, had actually watched her win the Miss World pageant in 2000, more than two decades before they met and fell in love.

Chopra Jonas fondly recalled her mother-in-law, Denise Miller-Jonas, informing her about their family’s memory of watching her victorious moment on television. She recounted the story to host Jennifer Hudson, saying, “When I was 17, actually when I was 18, I had just turned 18, I won the Miss World pageant.” She admitted feeling like a “complete child” at that time, having no clue about the magnitude of that achievement or the world of possibilities that lay ahead.

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Little did she know that her future husband, at the tender age of 7, was watching her triumph from his home in Texas with his parents. Chopra Jonas expressed her astonishment upon learning that her mother-in-law vividly remembered that night, recounting the details of the Broadway shows Nick and his brother were involved in at that time. She marveled at the fact that her husband had witnessed her crowning moment all those years ago.

Reflecting on the serendipitous connection between herself and Nick Jonas, Chopra Jonas acknowledged the possibility of their relationship being destined. She believed that people are meant to come together for a certain duration in life to create lasting memories and build a family.

The couple’s journey began in an unconventional manner. Jonas first reached out to Chopra Jonas via direct message on Twitter in 2016. They finally met in person just days before attending the Met Gala in 2017, where they made their public debut as a couple, both dressed by Ralph Lauren.

Their love story continued to unfold, with Jonas proposing to Chopra Jonas on her 36th birthday during their time in London. They tied the knot in December 2018, celebrating their union with a traditional multi-day ceremony in India, honoring both Chopra Jonas’ heritage and Jonas’ Christian upbringing.

Despite their untraditional start and the significant age difference, the couple has found love and happiness in each other. As they continue their journey together, they cherish the enchanted moments that have brought them closer, acknowledging the significance of finding their person in this short life.

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As Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas celebrate four years of marriage and embrace parenthood with their one-year-old daughter Malti Marie, their story serves as a reminder that destiny often weaves unexpected connections and love knows no boundaries.