The rumor of Nadav Itzkowitz, content creator, and Your Mom’s House podcaster’s death went viral, concerning his fans recently.

Itzkowitz is also a producer at YMH Studios, a channel that hosts the best chat shows on YouTube. Speculation over whether he had died started circulating after a number of nonreliable websites put out articles saying he had died. These websites did not mention any other details about his death but simply claimed that the star had died.

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Is Nadav Itzkowitz dead?

The rumors quickly found their way into social media and went viral. Before most of his fans started believing the rumor about his death, the creator took to his Instagram to denounce the baseless claims.

In his Instagram story, Nadav said, “I am not f**king dead. I am very much alive.” However, Nadav did not stop there. He also revealed that some big changes are happening at YMH. Nadav revealed that “things are changing” and urged his fans to keep their eyes peeled for the latest developments.

In another post, he wrote, “Big changes are happening” telling his fans to watch YMH on Wednesday, September 20.

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The star finally revealed he is quitting YMH Studios in their recent episode which aired on September 20. He spoke about his wild journey with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky while speaking to both of them.

He also discussed the reason for parting ways with YMH Studios saying, “I feel like me and this place and everyone in there have outgrown each other.” He shared how difficult it was for him to realize this, announcing, “I am resigning from my position here at YMH.”