Following Dillon Danis’ post, a picture of Nina Agdal and Harvey Weinstein that has been digitally altered is going viral on Twitter.

Through his tweets, Dillon Danis is continuing to insult Logan Paul and his fiancée Nina Agdal. On October 14, the MMA fighter will square off against YouTuber Logan in the ring. However, their dispute has already gotten out of hand. In his tweets, Dillon has frequently criticised Logan’s fiancée Nina. The MMA fighter has uploaded hundreds of images of Nina with different guys attacking her past over the past month. Even worse, he published several Nina photos that had been digitally manipulated. He most recently shared a photo of Nina Agdal “posing” with Harvey Weinstein.

Nina Agdal’s photo with Harvey Weinstein is not real

Dillon shared a photo of the Sports Illustrated model and the vilified film mogul Harvey Weinstein on Saturday, September 2. In the photo, the two are seen posing for the camera while standing near to one another. It demonstrates that Nina is being held by Weinstein, a convicted sex offender.

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However, Twitter acknowledged that the image is fake and artificially manipulated as part of its new Community Notes function, in case you couldn’t already guess. In the original image, Lindsay Lohan and Harvey Weinstein are seen posing together at a 2006 red carpet event. The photograph was notably taken in 2006 for the US premiere of Emilio Estevez’s “Bobby” and The Weinstein Company’s Black Tie Opening Night Gala at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

The picture garnered a lot of attention on Twitter despite not being genuine. Dillon has previously published Nina photos that have been digitally altered. He once shared an altered image of Nina hugging him. Actually, Dillon and his ex-girlfriend Savannah Montano were in that photo.

Twitter is also awash with an NSFW video that many believe depicts Nina in addition to the altered photo of Weinstein. Intimate acts between the girl and the male are seen in the film. Her face is not fully visible. However, it reveals a man’s private area.

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Most Twitter users believed that Nina was in the video because of the girl’s side profile. Drama Alert, a well-known influencer news outlet, acknowledged that the video was “not real.” DramaAlert tweeted, “Leaked explicit video of Logan Paul’s fiancé is NOT genuine, DramaAlert has confirmed.”