Cardi B’s 30th birthday party at Los Angeles’ Poppy nightclub on Tuesday was full of drama, according to TMZ.

For starters, the Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx was denied entry into the nightclub because there were already too many people inside the venue by the time Foxx reached.

Then, singer YK Osiris was confronted by a local man as he was leaving the party later in the night. It broke into a fight and the 24-year-old did not spare a few punches as he was getting into his $200,000 Lamborghini Urus. 

Here’s a video from the event.

The TMZ report says that Jamie Foxx reached the Poppy nightclub late along with 10 companions. He got out of his white Rolls Royce and walked inside the venue, but within minutes was seen coming back. 

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He did not say a word to the paparazzi and the reporters standing outside the club, but sources inside the club confirmed that the Hollywood star did not have a section reserved for him and there were too many guests inside which made him feel uncomfortable.

The door guy at the nightclub knew that a star as big as Foxx returning was not good news for him and came running back to take him back in. Foxx reportedly told him then: “No, we not good. Nah ni**a, it’s all good! I love you, but it was too much.”

Here’s a vide of Foxx leaving the party after failing to enter.

Meanwhile, YK Osiris could not bear expletives hurled at him by a random stranger and decided to take a fight with him. His security staff responded quickly to the incident and pinned the man down on the sideway, TMZ reported. 

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It was unclear what the argument between the singer and the stranger was about, but reports say that people standing there commended the singer for taking on the stranger.

While all this was going on, Cardi B celebrated her 30th birthday oblivious to it all. Wearing a red cabaret-style dress, she cut a huge cake and drank champagne from a bottle as her guests raised a toast to her.