Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City this weekend, TMZ reported citing law enforcement sources. He has been accused of strangulation, assault, and harassment.

“A preliminary investigation determined that a 33-year-old male was involved in a domestic dispute with a 30-year-old female,” read a statement from the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. “The victim informed police she was assaulted. Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident. The victim sustained minor injuries to her head and neck and was removed to an area hospital in stable condition.”

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Around 11 AM, police were called to the site in a part of Manhattan close to the Chelsea district. The female who claimed to be the victim informed police that Majors got into a fight with her and then attacked her.

What her relationship is with Majors is still to be confirmed. However, the most recent reports state that the accused victim is Majors’ girlfriend and that she claims they got into a fight while riding in a taxi together. She allegedly questioned the actor about another woman on his phone and that’s when the confrontation started. Majors is accused of grabbing her hand, slapping her, and placing his hands around her neck.

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There were evident wounds on the victim’s body, including a “laceration behind her ear, redness, and marks on her face,” according to alleged reports. She was brought to a nearby hospital after the incident and is now in good shape.

Police “felt there was enough evidence for probable cause” and thus, the actor was handcuffed and escorted straight to prison. However, a representative for Majors told the reporters in a statement, “He has done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up.”

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The artist is apparently no longer in custody now. Thus, a statement from Majors could likely arrive soon to shed more light on the situation.