Puerto Rican actor Kamar de los Reyes, widely recognized for his roles in “One Life to Live” and as a voice actor in the “Call of Duty” video game series, passed away at the age of 56. His death, occurring on December 24, 2023, has left a profound impact on his fans and the entertainment industry​​​​​​​​.

Cause of Death

De los Reyes succumbed to cancer in Los Angeles. This devastating news has been a significant loss to the artistic community, marking the end of a career that spanned several decades and showcased his remarkable versatility as an actor​​​​.

Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Kamar de los Reyes’s net worth was estimated to be between $3 million to $8 million. This wealth was accrued through his dynamic career in television, movies, and voice acting, reflecting his dedication and success in the entertainment industry​​​​.

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Kamar de los Reyes was born on November 8, 1967, and passed away at the age of 56. His career and life journey were marked by significant achievements and contributions to the arts​​.

Wife and Children

De los Reyes was married to actress Sherri Saum since May 2007. The couple was blessed with twin boys, adding to his family, which included a son named Caylen from a previous relationship​​​​.


Kamar de los Reyes’s career was marked by notable performances and contributions. He was best known for his portrayal of Antonio Vega in the ABC soap opera “One Life to Live” and as the voice of Raul Menendez in the 2012 video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops II.” Additionally, he played a demon named Jobe in the fourth season of “Sleepy Hollow” and took on the role of Ryan Caradine in “The Rookie”​​.

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His career also included memorable performances in the theater. In 1994, he starred as a Chicano boxer in the theatrical production of “Blade to the Heat,” receiving critical acclaim for his performance. He also appeared alongside Patrick Stewart in a production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in 1995. His film and television credits include appearances in “Nixon,” “Law & Order,” and “CSI: Miami,” among others​​.

In 2012, he made a significant impact with his voice acting and motion capture performance as Raul Menendez in “Call of Duty: Black Ops II.” He also appeared in the CBS police procedural drama “Blue Bloods” in 2013, playing a gang leader.