KBC 14: Which of these phrases means ‘to work tirelessly’?

Din-raat ek karna

Dopahar-shaam ek karna

Din-dopahar ek karna

Shaam-raat ek karna 

Answer: Din-raat-ek karna 

The questions asked on KBC episode November 18, 2022 are: 

KBC 14: In which country did Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva win the presidential election in 2022?

KBC 14: In which of these places are you most likely to find glaciers?

KBC 14: If you are travelling by a GSRTC bus, what does the ‘T’ in GSRTC stand for?

KBC 14: Which of these pairs of movies and villains are incorrectly paired?

KBC 14: In which Indian language was the documentary ‘Yanaam,’ about the Mangalyaan Mission, made?

KBC 14: How many runs are awarded to the batting side if the bowler bowls a wide ball?

KBC 14: Which of these Indian street foods literally means ‘pressed in Gujarati?

KBC 14: In October 2022, who was elected as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party?

KBC 14: Which of these parts of a car are found on the windshield?

KBC 14: Which of these is a part of the skeletal system?

KBC 14: Which of these countries is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

KBC 14: What stone gives this monument in Agra its distinctive colour?

KBC 14: Which of the following branches of medicine is about correction of injuries to bones or muscles?

KBC 14: In the context of digital payment systems, what does ‘U’ in UPI stand for?

KBC 14: Identify the person shown singing in this video clip

KBC 14: Which of these is a unit used to measure electric current?

KBC 14: At what point in the game of football, does the opposition form a wall in front of the person…?

KBC 14: Which of these is a dry curry of minced meat?

KBC 14: The words ‘click’ and ‘snap’ are normally associated with which of these activities?

KBC 14: Which of these phrases would you use to describe your childhood friend?

KBC 14: ‘Interpol’ is an international organisation that coordinates between members of which profession?

KBC 14: Which of these places would you go to, if you wanted to ride a roller coaster?

KBC 14: Which goddess is seen in this book cover?

KBC 14: What percentage of 1 quintal is 1 kilogram?

KBC 14: If it is the 4th of July for the United States of America, and the 14th of August for Pakistan…?

KBC 14: Who was the first woman to circumnavigate the world?

KBC 14: The name of which of these electrical appliances can also refer to a Salman Khan film?

KBC 14: ATK Mohun Bagan and East Bengal FC are professional football clubs based in which city?

KBC 14: Which of these terms is generally used for consuming audio or video media over the internet..?

KBC 14: Which of these is usually red in colour?

KBC 14: Which of these countries is not an island nation?

KBC 14: Which of these is an option by which you can automatically listen to the same song after it ends?

KBC 14: When is paan usually consumed with respect to the main meal