Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey is currently facing a sexual misconduct trial in New York’s Manhattan. He has been accused by another actor, Anthony Rapp, of sexual misconduct when the latter was 14. During the cross-examination of the trial, Jennifer Keller, Spacey’s defense lawyer, put to question the testimony given by Rapp.

Rapp had earlier stated that the two-time Academy Award-winning actor had invited him and an older friend to a nightclub after meeting them backstage at a Broadway play.

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While Rapp said that he had gone back home after spending some time in the nightclub, while his friend stated that he and Spacey had actually went to the latter’s room and that the older actor was trying to seduce Rapp for a sexual encounter.

When asked about the discrepancy, Rapp said, “I don’t dispute his story. I just don’t remember it”. In Rapp’s version of the story, he had gone to Spacey’s house for the first time a number of days later for a party, and this is when the American Beauty actor pinned him to a bed and tried to force himself upon Rapp. Spacey has refuted such claims by the 50-year-old actor.

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While answering questions from his own lawyer earlier during the day, Rapp had said that he had told one of his classmates about his encounter with Spacey. Rapp said that while he was watching TV, Spacey “came in drunk, picked me up as a groom does a bride, and he climbed on top of me trying to get with me sexually and I managed to squirm away.”

During his examination, Rapp, who is seen on the TV series Star Trek: Discovery, said that when he later went to see a movie starring Spacey, he felt that he was “stuck with a cattle prod. Like I jumped out of my seat. Adrenaline. Sweaty palms.”

However, he did acknowledge that Spacey did not try to touch his genitals or take off Rapp’s clothes.