Meta’s push to make Instagram more like TikTok isn’t sitting well with the platform’s celebrities. Instagram’s most followed woman, Kylie Jenner reshared a post criticising the redesign that asked the image-sharing platform to, “stop trying to be TikTok.”

The reality star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame shared the post, commenting, “PLEASEEEEEEE.” Her other famous sister, Kim Kardashian decided to weigh in, and shared the same post, commenting, “PRETTY PLEASE.”

Meta, the parent company that owns the likes of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Oculus has been changing their social media apps to become similar to Bytedance’s TikTok. The social media giant is pushing to prioritise short-form video content as well as an algorithm that will push content that users don’t usually engage with. The move has received some backlash from power users, saying that they don’t want Instagram to turn into random entertainment when they use it to follow their friends and family.

The post that Jenner and Kardashian reposted on their own profiles originated from an account by the name of @illumitati. “Make Instagram Instagram again,” says their post, ” I just want to see cute photos of my friends.” It quickly made its way to the top of many people’s explore page, garnering 1.3 million likes in just a few days. 

The Los Angeles based fashion photographer made a follow-up Reel saying that it was time for Instagram to “give the user a choice.” She suggested that the company give users back its chronological timeline and that it was time for users to provide Instagram with “constructive criticism.” The post has so far gathered 130,000 views. 

However, it is Jenner’s opinion that holds more weight in conversations regarding Instagram, given her vast reach on social media. On Instagram alone, she has 360 million followers. Back in 2018, the social media influencer had taken to Twitter to complain about Snapchat’s UI and UX overhaul, writing, ” Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.” The same day, the messaging app lost $1.3 in market value in a single day.