In response to a viral video involving Zendaya and him that went viral on social media, well-known celebrity stylist Law Roach recently spoke out.

On March 6, 2023, Law Roach and Zendaya entered the Louis Vuitton runway presentation together during Paris Fashion Week. The audience purportedly witnessed a tense conversation between the two that was recorded by numerous people and quickly went viral. Zendaya sat next to Emma Stone in the sole available front-row seat for the performance since she is a brand ambassador for the expensive corporation.

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Law Roach was allegedly left perplexed and disappointed. He appeared to be stressed and unsure of where to sit. Law sat after Zendaya pointed to the seat behind her.

He later addressed the situation, stating that he is accustomed to sitting next to her.

Law Roach has styled multiple celebrities including Tiffany Haddish, Anne Hathaway, Celine Dion, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. He recently became the talk of the town when he announced last week that he was retiring from celebrity styling.Many viewers believed his interaction with Zendaya was the last straw for Law, who announced his retirement a few weeks later on social media. However, he is now set to clear the air as he shed light on the situation during an interview with The Cut.

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Zendaya and Law Roach explained to the press that they were late for the Louis Vuitton show due to traffic. They claimed that was why they were visibly agitated when they arrived at the venue. In an interview with The Cut, Law discussed Zendaya’s ‘anxiety.’

“There was a lot of anxiety because Zendaya is very respectful and doesn’t like people having to wait on her, so it was just anxiety.”

“I’m always used to sitting next to her. And so, in my mind, my seat was next to her. So when I got there and it wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t a problem, but there was nobody to tell me where my actual seat was,” he continued.

It was extremely difficult, Law Roach continued, because it “made others assume that Zendaya wasn’t taking care” of him. The CEO of Christian Dior and the daughter of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, Delphine Arnault, who was seated across from Zendaya, was not mentioned as having any “beef,” either. This was done to dispel allegations that he had a problem with Delphine holding onto her seat. Fans may breathe a sigh of relief after Law assured them that Zendaya and him will continue to collaborate in a series of tweets on his impending retirement.

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The designer stated that he was “absolutely 100,000 percent retiring” from the celebrity styling industry as he shared the news regarding his professional life.