Chris Hemsworth, an Australian-born Hollywood action star, is so much more than just a gorgeous face. Beyond strength and attractiveness, the actor also has the makings of a really superb actor. 

Even though Hemsworth’s career is only getting started—as he only made his debut in the mainstream feature film circuit with 2009’s Star Trek—he has been steadily gaining popularity ever since. 

It is evident that Hemsworth is a multi-hyphenate threat from directing more subdued biopics like Rush and In the Heart of the Sea to finessing, battling, and eluding the authorities in action pictures like Extraction and Red Dawn to starring in pop-culture behemoths like Thor and The Avengers.

Here are the 5 best Chris Hemsworth movies of all time.

Blackhat (2015)

Any film that tries to convince its audience that Hemsworth is a super-fit cyberhacker out to bring down criminal organisations is a success. Despite the action-packed thriller nature of the movie, he has never played a character quite like this one. Hemsworth portrays a prolific hacker who was imprisoned after being accused of transferring wealth—that is, robbing—from five US banks to regular people. He is released on the condition that he assists the FBI in identifying the offender after a significant cyberattack endangers national security. Hemsworth is a master at writing computer code, throwing fists, and evading gunfire. 

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The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Hemsworth will definitely take the lead and steal the show, to start with. It therefore comes as no surprise that he was purposely typecast in the Drew Goddard dark comedy horror film The Cabin in the Woods as the traditional jock and group leader. The fact that this movie serves as an early example of Hemsworth’s humorous delivery, which shines in subsequent movies like Thor: Ragnarok, gives it a notable place on our list.

Extraction (2020)

Hemsworth had to perform some incredible stunts both on and off-screen for this movie. Hemsworth was able to hold his breath for over three minutes when a cliff diving stunt was being filmed, according to director Sam Hargrave, who spoke to Men’s Health. Hemsworth also demonstrated how he changed his Thor figure by posting photos of his rigorous training routine on Instagram. With all the effort and commitment put into this, it makes sense that a sequel would be forthcoming.

Bad times at the EI Royale (2018)

Hemsworth demonstrates his abilities to be humorous, wildly exaggerated, and unhinged in another project with director-writer Drew Goddard. He portrays Billy Lee, a dashing southern cult leader who sneaks into the El Royale hotel and causes psychological havoc and nefarious mayhem. In one of the film’s scariest and greatest sequences, Billy ties up the other guests at the El Royale and then indulges in a spooky solo dance to Deep Purple’s “Hush” while rocking a half-opened rumpled shirt, messy hair, and a plate of pie in his hand.

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Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Without including his exploits as the hammer-wielding God and Earth’s Strongest Avenger, Thor Odinson, no Chris Hemsworth film list would be complete. In the first two instalments of his solo series, Thor was portrayed as the bit-too sober and conceited Prince of Asgard. Despite the character’s popularity in the Avengers films, most viewers were less open to the idea when Thor: Dark World earned negative reviews. However, the Thor franchise had a second shot when Takia Waititi was brought on board to helm the third episode.