Hollywood star Megan Fox, in a recent interview with Who What Wear, revealed that she quit drinking after the 2009 Golden Globe debacle. The actor had one too many glasses of champagne and went on to say things that she would later regret. 

Meghan Fox talked about her red carpet shenanigans and the Ralph Lauren dress that she had donned for the event. Interestingly, she is not a fan of the pulled pack look that she sported that evening when she was seated next to Blake Lively and the iconic Jonas brothers. She admitted, “I hate wearing my hair back like this. I cannot believe I allowed this to happen. I have a huge, round forehead, so I hate wearing my hair slicked back like that.”

The 35-year-old actor hadn’t realised that her first Golden Globe would lead her to make some life-changing decisions. 

“At the Golden Globes they always put those giant bottles of Moet champagne on the table,” Fox said. “I went through…multiple glasses of that,” She added.

“I was belligerent and said a bunch of s**t I shouldn’t have said on the red carpet after that,” she continued. Talking about blurting out some things on the red carpet that she shouldn’t have, she said, “And now I don’t drink and this is why … I think I got in a lot of trouble for whatever I said on the red carpet at this event,” 

She further added, “I don’t remember why, but I know that I did, you can look that up.”

Megan Fox also opened up about her divorce with Brian Austin, with who she had three kids, and said both she and Green have since moved on. She then talked about her “soulmate connection” with Machine Gun Kelly. Watch the video below for more on the couple.