The new trailer for the Jared Leto-starrer ‘Morbius’ has been unveiled. Morbius is the upcoming film in Sony’s Marvel Spider-Man universe. The three-minute video trailer offers a glimpse into the world of this vampire antihero with more transformations, more action, and more Spider-Man connections.

The character is similar to another Marvel antihero, Venom, played by Tom Hardy. Surprisingly, the makers have referred to this connection in the trailer itself as we can hear Leto saying, “I am Venom,” jokingly when he introduces himself to a stranger towards the end of the video.

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The trailer offers an interesting transformation of Doctor Michael. It gives a broad introduction to the character, including his origin story and his powers including the usual super-strength and speed, some form of bat radar, and a vampire-Esque craving for blood. Although, Morbius is not technically a vampire. There is one particular scene that features Jared Leto’s character flying ahead of a train.

The movie is directed by Daniel Espinosa and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Oscar-winner Jared Leto is playing the lead role as Michael Morbius. He is an ailing scientist who has got a rare blood disorder. In the process to cure himself, he takes a dangerous risk. He inadvertently turns himself into a “pseudo-vampire” and gets access to powers and a dark side he didn’t know possible. Despite his new affliction, Morbius still attempts to do good for the world but ends up becoming a very complicated and dangerous superhero.

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The movie also stars Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, Tyrese Gibson, and Michael Keaton who reprised his role as Adrian Toomes, or Vulture, from the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Originally scheduled to release on July 10, 2020, the film’s release was postponed several times due to the shuttering of theaters during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s finally set to release in theaters on January 28, 2022.