Morgan Freeman is set to star alongside Josh Hutcherson in ’57 Seconds’ a thriller set in the world of big pharma and technology. The movie is based on an acclaimed story by EC Tubbs, the British author. Rusty Cundieff, known for ‘Tales from the Hood’ is directing the movie and Macon Blair, who’s worked on Netflix’s ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ has penned the script. 

The story follows a tech blogger Franklin Fausti, played by Hutcherson, who lands an interview that could possibly change his career. He meets Anton Burrell, a visionary technological guru, portrayed by Freeman. Fausti foils an attack against Burrell, and in the process picks up a ring that the technophile has dropped. Fausti then realizes that the possessor can travel back 57 seconds into the past. 

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Supported by Burrell and driven by revenge, Fausti decides to use the ring to dismantle the pharmaceutical company that’s been responsible for his sister’s death. However, the situation soon devolves as Fausti finds himself in a brutal and treacherous chain of events putting much more than his destiny at stake. 

Apart from Freeman and Hutcherson, the cast also includes Lovie Simone, known for ‘The Craft: Legacy’, Greg Germann, who appears in ‘Once Upon a Time’, and Bevin Bru, known for shows like ‘Ramy’ and ‘Batwoman‘. Sammi Rotibi, Mark Jacobson, D.A. Obahor, David Kallaway, AJ Rome, Kenneth Kynt Bryan, Matthew Jason Cwern and Marcus Brown make up the rest of the cast. 

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Ford Corbett, Som Kohanzadeh, Yoram Kohanzadeh and Miguel Sandoval are attached as executive producers, while Curmudgeon Films and Revelations Entertainment is the producer for ’57 Seconds’. Griff Furst, known for ‘Where All Light Tends to Go’, Lori McCreary of ‘Invictus’ fame, Gary Lucchesi, who’s worked on ‘Million Dollar Baby’, and Thomas P. Vitale of ‘Slasher’ repute, are attached as producers. The project is mainly being filmed in Louisiana