The Netflix documentary about the private lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has made several controversial revelations. One such disclosure in this explosive documentary was when Prince Harry revealed that his family ‘still thought I was in Canada’, while he was residing in Tyler Perry’s $18M Beverly Hills mansion for six weeks during the time period. 

“We were there for six weeks. No one knew. My family still thought I was in Canada,” said the Duke of Sussex in the final episode of the six-part docuseries. 

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Producer actor Tyler Perry helped them during the time when they gave up their royal lives and duties. “Every day, I would look on the… Google. Nope, they don’t know yet!” said Perry. 

“We talked and they’d laugh, and they were doing so well. They’d send me videos,” the actor reminisced. 

Perry, 53, offered his $18 million Beverly Hills home to the duo to use as their residence after the two fled the UK

It was also revealed that the actor had never met the couple before they landed at his residence. “Thanks to another amazing friend who we’ve never met, but who believes in us and wants to help,” said Prince Harry. 

“I had never met him before,” Markle recalls that they never had any interaction with the Hollywood mogul before.  

The final three episodes of the six-part docuseries were released on Thursday, while the first three episodes streamed last week, attaining the title of the streaming giant’s most-watched documentary (series) in its debut week, with 81.55 million hours viewed. 

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The initial episodes centered around the couple’s courtship, which sparked a controversy, with viewers accusing the duo of deliberately assaulting the royal family’s legacy, their sole intention to “bring down the monarchy”. 

The final episode also features Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, who could be seen with Prince Harry and his son Archie while they were in LA.