Francois Verove, a retired police officer and a former local
councillor committed suicide and confessed to being a serial killer and a
rapist behind multiple crimes which remained unsolved for decades.

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His corpse was found in a southern town, Grau-du-Roi on
Wednesday. The man rented an apartment in the fishing village on the Mediterranean
coast. It is believed that he committed at least four murders and six rapes
between 1986 and 1997.

The French media had given him the nickname of “Le Grele”
which can be translated to “the pockmarked killer”.

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According to several French media outlets, the 59-year-old
took his own life after he became a suspect in the Le Grele crimes and failed
to comply with the requests of the authorities. He had been asked to appear before
a magistrate but he failed to do so.

The gruesome murders include that of an 11-year-old Cecile
Bloch in Paris. The child was reported missing by her parents when she did not
come home for lunch.

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She was found dead in a partially naked state under an old
carpet in a cellar. As per the evidence it can be concluded that she had been

Other suspected victims inclue Gilles Politi (38-year-old
man), Irmgard Muller (20-year-old German woman) and Karine Leroy (19-year-old).

In 1986, the police made a sketch of the victim based on the
witness statements. He was around 25-years-old, six feet in height with light brown
hair and acne on his face.

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In his note, Verove reveals that he was not in a good state
of mind when the crimes were committed but he had managed to get himself
together in recent years. He said he had committed no crimes after 1997. A DNA
test is being conducted on his body in order to confirm his identity as the
serial killer.