Chinese-born Canadian actor Simu Liu Silenced his critics once and for all. The actor’s first Marvel film released during the Labor day weekend and left trolls and critics speechless with its success. 

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” released theatrically on September 3, earning $140 million worldwide in the opening weekend. Interestingly, it is the first ever movie in the MCU headlined by an Asian. 

“Me laughing at the people who thought we’d flop,” wrote the 32-year-old actor, taking to Twitter to share an iStock photo of himself along with a photo of himself, which was clicked years ago when Liu used to work as a model for iStock.

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iStock’s official Twitter account responded to the actor’s tweet and commented, “We always believed in you, @simuliu. And if being a superhero doesn’t work out, our door is always open.”

However, the comment didn’t sit really well with Simu and he responded, “Is the door open to share in the hundreds of thousands of $$ you made off those photos cause I was paid a hundred bucks.”

Of course, this caused a comment riot as social media users were left in splits. Some, however, pointed out his arrogance and noted that the film hasn’t reached the break-even mark yet. 

“Dude, I have seen pudding with thicker skin than you,” the user wrote. “Yes, your movie broke the Labor day record for release and that is something to celebrate, but the movie needs more money before it breaks even. Chill out, stop attacking Youtubers and get some damn perspective.”

Another user commented, “Budget of $150 million, and it made $140 million worldwide so far. so yeah, it needs a couple more days to break even.”

Simu Liu also took a dig at all those Youtubers who predicted that Marvel’s first film with an Asia lead will definitely flop. He took to Instagram to share a collage of such thumbnails on his Instagram story.