Andy Nealy was the brother of Connie Brown, whose story premiered on Oxygen’s True Crime series Snapped. Andy Nealy was responsible for the murder of Connie’s abusive husband, Billy Ray Brown. 

In this double murder case, Andy Nealy was the least likely suspect considering he was known to be good friends with Billy Ray. 

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However, on the night of 21st June 2000, police found  Billy Ray Brown was stabbed to death and beaten with a stick. The Brown residence was covered in blood, and Billy Ray’s throat was slit.

Connie told the police immediately that her brother Andy and a friend of his had committed the crime. When the Horry County police tracked Andy down, they were faced with the entire truth. 

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For some time, Connie had been complaining to her mother, Melba Nealy, and her sister, Renee Young, about Billy Ray. Apparently, Billy had become highly abusive towards her and their three young children. 

Melba Nealy, who shared her residence with Andy and young, also had a boyfriend named Jodis Washington. Wanting to teach Billy Ray a lesson, the four reached the Brown home on the June night of 2000.

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Washington and Andy were armed with a stick. They had also carried knives with them, but Andy told the police that they did not intend to use them. They wanted to use the knife to threaten Billy Ray, but when the situation worsened with Billy Ray’s friend being present in the house, Washington and Andy killed both men. 

According to Andy, the stick he had carved was “Nealy Power,” on the stick with which he beat Billy Ray. Soon after the murder, Young, Andy, and Washington escaped in a stolen car. The incident iterated by Andy matched Melba Nealy’s account. 

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It was also revealed by Renee Young that Connie hatched the entire plan and that he had been the one to ask them to do something against Billy Ray. 

In their 2002 trial, having entered the plea deal by testifying against Connie, Andy escaped the death penalty and received life in prison without the possibility of parole at the McCormick Correctional Institute in South Carolina.