Saturday Night Live mocked President Biden’s confidential documents controversy, and also poked fun with piercing satire for VP Kamala Harris.

SNL’s Mikey Day portrayed Attorney General Merrick Garland, and he opened the show with a statement on how former Trump Vice President Mike Pence discovered classified documents at his Indiana home. Kenan Thompson, posing as an FBI agent, continued by making some jokes about Pence.

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The Kamala Harris diss

The criticism of Pence was followed by the statement concerning Kamala Harris. Comedian Ego Nwodim, who was portraying an FBI agent, flatly stated: “Come on now. Joe Biden won’t even give this woman a pen. You think she has classified documents? Please, Kamala Harris with classified documents.” They then went back to the microphone as Ego left, adding, “Well, we had to at least check.”

Twitter erupted instantly with opposing reactions to the SNL skit about the President and VP. Some had a good laugh at it whereas others were outraged about how SNL still does not pronounce Kamala Harris’s first name right. Here are some of the tweets:

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It was undoubtedly a clever sketch, but it also had to hurt since it suggested that Joe didn’t trust Kamala enough to divulge the secrets of the country. Harris, as it is widely known, has been chastised for her competency in her post as second in command.

After that, Kenan Thompson returned to the sketch to demand accountability for Tyre Nichols‘ death by Tennessee police brutality on January 10. The event has led to murder charges against five former cops.

“Hey boss when we done playing with your little papers, we gonna head down to Memphis and make sure justice is served down there too right?” the agent asked. “I sincerely hope so,” Day responded.